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Your Security in Mind

The security of this website is of paramount concern, which simply suggests that MaLLett Photography uses the best safe guards and measures to protect the safety and security for all our credit cards transactions. We use the Secured Socket Layer technology. It is the industry leading credit cards security systems designed to protect and encrypt personal information during online purchasing.

Payment Methods

Credit Cards Payment Only for online purchasing: We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Debit Cards

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Once you have placed your online order. You are required to share some personal information with MaLLett Photography such as your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email and Credit Card information. In order to help prepare and deliver your purchase. Your order is accepted electronically and is accompanied with a confirmation form which states that your transaction have been acknowledge. However, it does not mean that your order is a sure thing, because the item you seek may not be in our inventory, or two the product is no longer available for purchase.
MaLLett Photography reserves the Right at any time after receiving your order to accept or decline for any reason if inventory is impossible to obtain at the time of your request. If this is the case, you will be notified and offered an apology and explanation or full refund.

Refund Policy

MaLLett Photography does acknowledge that each product sold is not always perfect in the eyes on the customer upon receipt. There might be an issue with color, style, size or even damage to the product. In this case, we asked that you notify MaLLett Photography right away once your product has been delivered and received. You the customer has 7 days from the date of delivery to contact us and inform us that you have an issue with your order. Once, your issue is known about the MaLLett Photography can take action towards resolving your issue. We will recommend a few options to you and ascertain which option suits you best. We want to please you by way of replacing the product or offering you a full refund on your purchase. Please take note, that on personal photographs which you have selected through our website to purchase there is no refund, unless the photograph is damage during shipping.

Sales Taxes in New Jersey

All Online Storefront products featured will accrue the New Jersey Sales Tax of 7% as 2016.

Shipping and Delivery Schedule

MaLLett Photography does charge for Handling and Shipping of purchased products. We will add the least expensive rates offered by the US Post Office, United Parcel Service or FedEx for reliable transport and delivery. Most delivery takes 3-4 business days.

Customer Service Hours

Of course, our online storefront hours are 24/7 and 365 days all year round. However, if you should require a personal connection you can reach MaLLett Photography at (908) 349-8435. Our general Hours are 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.